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City of Newnan Hasco Craver

25 LaGrange Street, Newnan, GA 30263



City of Newnan Film, Television, Music and Video Production Permit Application

Please Note: All interested applicants who wish to film in the City of Newnan must complete an application for filming; however, those projects that require less work will not need to go through each of the steps in the checklist below.

The City of Newnan allows for the approval from staff for any requests that require street closures for less than 72 hours (3 days) and Intermittent Traffic Control for less than 7 days (1 week); however, if your request requires a longer period for either - the request will need to go before City Council prior to approval.

Contact Information

Production Company Address

    Location Manager

    Film/Project Information

    Type of Project

    ***Student Projects must have an email from the supervising professor to verify current enrollment status before a permit is issued. Applications will not be processed until this correspondence is received. While there is not a permit fee for student projects, there will be fees associated with any City or County services required.

    Locations of Sites/Properties:

    Please feel free to attach a diagram or map of location areas where you plan to film

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    Special Requests

    Services Required

    Special Effects or Stunts

    Note: Be certain that all phases of the filming to be conducted are described. Any misrepresentation in the description by the applicant may be sufficient cause for the request to be rejected or revoked.


    Please share the estimated number of personnel that will be working on this production below:

    I have read and agree to the City of Newnan's Film, Television, Music and Video Production Guidelines.

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